A shining, magnificent rotating sun
Thor Nolan smiling, sitting in a house made of driftwood on a beach

I'm Thor, a developer and web designer based in the Bay Area, CA. I focus on front end development, and appreciate any opportunity to hone my craft and bring my creativity to interesting projects. I like to collaborate with people to come up with strategies and solutions that work.

When I'm not coding, I like to climb at my local climbing gym, and I love to travel whenever I can. I'm interested in technology, politics, philosophy, teaching, and everything about this beautiful planet we live on. I also built my desktop PC that I use for playing games and designing things in Illustrator

I'm sometimes available for freelance work, so if you have a project you'd like to work together onand we can chat about it🌊

  • keyboard_arrow_right React.js/Redux (and Gatsby)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Semantic HTML5
  • keyboard_arrow_right CSS3 and SCSS
  • keyboard_arrow_right Javascript ES6/7+
  • keyboard_arrow_right Webpack, GraphQL
  • keyboard_arrow_right Git branching and workflow
  • keyboard_arrow_right Node.js
  • keyboard_arrow_right NPM and many packages
  • keyboard_arrow_right Express server
  • keyboard_arrow_right Working with RESTful API's
  • keyboard_arrow_right ESlint, smoke/unit testing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Agile methodologies
  • keyboard_arrow_right Proficient with Wordpress, Squarespace, and other CMS's
  • keyboard_arrow_right Bootstrap, Material UI, many libraries and frameworks
  • keyboard_arrow_right Adobe XD/Figma prototyping
  • keyboard_arrow_right Adobe Illustrator
  • keyboard_arrow_right Writing and research

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